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New Africa

Muslim Community of Baltimore
In Association With The Leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed
W. Deen Mohammed
An Open Letter
to the
American Public
A Message
of Concern
New Africa
to Al-Islam

The Muslim is obligated to recognize his responsibility to all the communities of man; he cannot forget that in promoting his own cause. He must have a healthy regard for the destiny of other people. He must also contribute to the worthwhile and noble endeavors of others. He is to support, compliment, congratulate and feel happy about the progress of others who are not of his religion. This kind of attitude is healthy for anybody, and it is an obligation for the Muslim.

Imam W. Deen Mohammed
An African-American Genesis, 1986

The Vision:

Imam W. Deen Mohammed's leadership continues to build upon solid religious foundation with concrete plans into the next millennium for the strengthening of families, neighborhoods and communities through a vision and a plan for model communities throughout the United States called "New Africa".

"We Begin not as individuals, we begin together. Our history in this country is not the history of a single person beginning his life. It is the history of a beginning as a group and we have to get up as a group..."

-Imam W. Deen Mohammed

The name New Africa is synonymous with the names: New Hampshire, New York, and New England. When the founders of America came here from Europe, they brought with them remnants of the old country and named their new beginning with some remembrance of the past. New Hampshire from "Hampshire", New York from "York", New England from "England" and now... New Africa from "Africa" (Praise be to G-d).

New Africa is speaking to the African American specifically but not exclusively. New Africa embodies as the defining central concept: "A New Beginning, Our Community and Our Responsibility". New Africa promotes the excellence of the individual, the family and the community. So, everyone interested in being in the race for what is best for mankind can embrace the New Africa vision.

African Americans should remember their great African Heritage, the great civilizations and the contribution it has made to mankind. And, with that remembrance move forward with a greater future for New Africa development.

We, the Muslims in the City of Baltimore will meet the challenge to help revitalize and to restore the excellence in every aspect of community life. We will cultivate the patterned growth of human excellence and good character through building valuable relationships with all G-d conscience people.

An annual "New Africa Festival" is held the second Saturday in August is held to celebrate excellence in the individual, the family and the community. For more information and/or to register your Organization for participation in the New Africa Festival email Hassan Rasheed.

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