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With The Name Allah, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

The Concept of G-d
and Man In Al-Islam

Muslim Community Cultural Center of Baltimore
In Association With The Leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed
We witness that G-d is One. He is the Creator of everything; and there is nothing like Him. He cannot be seen with the physical eye; nor can He be presented like we present material things. He is Lord, Cherisher, Caretaker, and Sustainer of all the worlds. He made the systematic order of the universe. We reason from the observation of this systematic order that G-d is One.

Logical Conclusion

We follow the reasoning of the Prophets and Messengers of G-d who searched for truth and understanding. Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) searched for understanding by observing the universe. He came to the conclusion that One G-d created it all. (see Qur'an 6:75-79) We believe that there is only One G-d. As stated by the Prophets of the Bible: ' "We see His handiworks in the skies, the earth, the waters, the light - everything." ' Having logically arrived, through observation and reflection, to the understanding of the unity of matter - leads us to the understanding of the Unity, or Oneness of G-d. Logical examination of creation, based on the belief in the Unity of G-d, leads us to believe in the unity of matter. One leads to the other. Man can't jump directly to G-d. Man finds G-d through the observation of the works of G-d.

The Argument is Settled

The concept of G-d in Al-Islam is much like the concept of G-d in the great religions of the world. The exception is that the Qur'an, the last of the great revealed messages from G-d, takes up the arguments of the concept of G-d that developed for the religions of Judaism and Christianity. This argument is settled in a small chapter of the Qur'an called "Al-Iklas". This chapter has been called by linguistic translators of the Qur'an Arabic into English--The Unity; and it has also been called The Purity. In this short chapter Allah (G-d), says:
"Say: G-d, He is One. G-d is Eternal.
He did not give birth to a child;
And He was not born of a parent.
And there is nothing existing like Him."

G-d is free from any defect or weakness. When ever G-d wants one of us, He creates us. He is our Creator. If we can get past the confused language of the different groups, we will find that this concept of G-d in Christianity and Judaism. When we get to the purity of the matter, we will all be agreeing on the pure concept that we find in this chapter from the Qur'an. This chapter concludes the matter. The word Khalas means its finished, its concluded. There is nothing else to be said. The argument is finished. It is enough to say that G-d is One. He did not generate men from Himself--He created them. He was not born of man or of a parent; and there is nothing equal to or like Him.

Prophets: Mortal Human Beings
Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), the Prophet of Islam, the last Prophet sent by G-d, labored all of his life to establish the concept of G-d in Al-Islam. He labored equally hard to establish the fact that he was not a god, and that he was not a divine being in the sense that he is foreign to human beings. He made it very clear that he was a mortal, flesh and blood person like everybody else. Concerning this, in the Qur'an Allah (The Blessed and the Most High) says:
"Say: I am a man like yourselves. Inspiration has come to me that your G-d is One G-d. Whoever expects to meet his Lord, Let him work righteousness, and in the worship of his lord, Admit no one as partner."

The Qur'an makes it clear to us that every Prophet and Messenger of G-d was a mortal human -- who were born of parents; who had to eat and sleep; and who had one day to physically die. There is no doubt in our minds that Mohammed (pbuh) was a human being. There is nothing in the Qur'an that suggests that he was in any way supernatural, or above human. We do not worship Mohammed. We cannot worship him. We worship G-d. We follow the example of Mohammed. His example teaches us how to worship G-d. He teaches us that our purpose and destiny is for G-d; that G-d is our first priority.

One Human Constitution

One of the most powerful attributes of G-d that is of benefit to man individually and collectively is that:
G-d is One. The logical train of thought from this premise and the premise of the oneness of matter, inevitable leads us to believe in the unity and oneness of mankind. From one continent to another, human life (in its essential nature) is the same. We have one human picture, based on one, original human design of excellence. Even though we may differ in our racial makeup, physical features, skin color, hair texture, etc., we are the same excellent human creation. We are no different from each other when it comes to how G-d has constituted us humanly. This belief makes it possible, therefore, for us to have an ever expanding interest in the condition and the future of all people. We are interested in seeing all people succeed with the good and honorable life that G-d intended for them. G-d intends for man that our interests go further than our selves, further than our neighborhood, our city, our nation, or our nation's borders. G-d wants His revealed book, the Qur'an, to excite in us an interest in the whole of humanity, and in the whole of creation. Being thusly situated, positions us psychologically to grow to our maximum potential.

Improve Your Racial/Ethnic Image

This is the concept of man that we believe in: a society of equal law and justice, built upon recognition and respect for the common human excellence of all people. This common human excellence is the original and natural inheritance of every man, woman and child on this earth. G-d has made us all from one essence; yet He gave us our own separate ethnic distinctions. He has ordered this religion (Al-Islam) as nature is ordered - to give us a sense of privacy, a sense of individuality, a sense of family, and a sense of local community, ethnicity, or race. G-d wants the maximum good life and production for all of us. He wants us to have refinement and a life of equality and quantity. It is not wrong to address the concerns and devote yourself to the betterment of your race - if you recognize that the most excellent identity in the constitution of your race is its human constitution. The first, and most important level in the identity of our different races is not the color of our skins; its that we are human. Make your ethnic consciousness compatible, not injurious, to your human consciousness. Make your collective, ethnic self into the image and fashion that G-d wants for you. Then you will be improving the humanity of your race!"

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